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Weekly Calendar 2021 through 2023-Please note that Club Destin week numbers may differ from the Interval International calendar. Please use our calendar as a reference for the dates of your week.

The highlighted section is FIXED TIME (weeks 26-35) and not available for flex-time owners.


Week 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
1 7-Jan 6-Jan 5-Jan 3-Jan 2-Jan 1-Jan
2 14-Jan 13-Jan 12-Jan 10-Jan 9-Jan 8-Jan
3 21-Jan 20-Jan 19-Jan 17-Jan 16-Jan 15-Jan
4 28-Jan 27-Jan 26-Jan 24-Jan 23-Jan 22-Jan
5 4-Feb 3-Feb 2-Feb 31-Jan 30-Jan 29-Jan
6 11-Feb 10-Feb 9-Feb 7-Feb 6-Feb 5-Feb
7 18-Feb 17-Feb 16-Feb 14-Feb 13-Feb 12-Feb
8 25-Feb 24-Feb 23-Feb 21-Feb 20-Feb 19-Feb
9 4-Mar 3-Mar 1-Mar 28-Feb 27-Feb 26-Feb
10 11-Mar 10-Mar 8-Mar 7-Mar 6-Mar 5-Mar
11 18-Mar 17-Mar 15-Mar 14-Mar 13-Mar 12-Mar
12 25-Mar 24-Mar 22-Mar 21-Mar 20-Mar 19-Mar
13 1-Apr 31-Mar 29-Mar 28-Mar 27-Mar 26-Mar
14 8-Apr 7-Apr 5-Apr 4-Apr 3-Apr 2-Apr
15 15-Apr 14-Apr 12-Apr 11-Apr 10-Apr 9-Apr
16 22-Apr 21-Apr 19-Apr 18-Apr 17-Apr 16-Apr
17 29-Apr 28-Apr 26-Apr 25-Apr 24-Apr 23-Apr
18 6-May 5-May 3-May 2-May 1-May 30-Apr
19 13-May 12-May 10-May 9-May 8-May 7-May
20 20-May 19-May 17-May 16-May 15-May 14-May
21 27-May 26-May 24-May 23-May 22-May 21-May
22 3-Jun 2-Jun 31-May 30-May 29-May 28-May
23 10-Jun 9-Jun 7-Jun 6-Jun 5-Jun 4-Jun
24 17-Jun 16-Jun 14-Jun 13-Jun 12-Jun 11-Jun
25 24-Jun 23-Jun 21-Jun 20-Jun 19-Jun 18-Jun
26 1-Jul 30-Jun 28-Jun 27-Jun 26-Jun 25-Jun
27 8-Jul 7-Jul 5-Jul 4-Jul 3-Jul 2-Jul
28 15-Jul 14-Jul 12-Jul 11-Jul 10-Jul 9-Jul
29 22-Jul 21-Jul 19-Jul 18-Jul 17-Jul 16-Jul
30 29-Jul 28-Jul 26-Jul 25-Jul 24-Jul 23-Jul
31 5-Aug 4-Aug 2-Aug 1-Aug 31-Jul 30-Jul
32 12-Aug 11-Aug 9-Aug 8-Aug 7-Aug 6-Aug
33 19-Aug 18-Aug 16-Aug 15-Aug 14-Aug 13-Aug
34 26-Aug 25-Aug 23-Aug 22-Aug 21-Aug 20-Aug
35 2-Sep 1-Sep 30-Aug 29-Aug 28-Aug 27-Aug
36 9-Sep 8-Sep 6-Sep 5-Sep 4-Sep 3-Sep
37 16-Sep 15-Sep 13-Sep 12-Sep 11-Sep 10-Sep
38 23-Sep 22-Sep 20-Sep 19-Sep 18-Sep 17-Sep
39 30-Sep 29-Sep 27-Sep 26-Sep 25-Sep 24-Sep
40 7-Oct 6-Oct 4-Oct 3-Oct 2-Oct 1-Oct
41 14-Oct 13-Oct 11-Oct 10-Oct 9-Oct 8-Oct
42 21-Oct 20-Oct 18-Oct 17-Oct 16-Oct 15-Oct
43 28-Oct 27-Oct 25-Oct 24-Oct 23-Oct 22-Oct
44 4-Nov 3-Nov 1-Nov 31-Oct 30-Oct 29-Oct
45 11-Nov 10-Nov 8-Nov 7-Nov 6-Nov 5-Nov
46 18-Nov 17-Nov 15-Nov 14-Nov 13-Nov 12-Nov
47 25-Nov 24-Nov 22-Nov 21-Nov 20-Nov 19-Nov
48 2-Dec 1-Dec 29-Nov 28-Nov 27-Nov 26-Nov
49 9-Dec 8-Dec 6-Dec 5-Dec 4-Dec 3-Dec
50 16-Dec 15-Dec 13-Dec 12-Dec 11-Dec 10-Dec
51 23-Dec 22-Dec 20-Dec



18-Dec 17-Dec
52 30-Dec 29-Dec 27-Dec 26-Dec 25-Dec 24-Dec